CRIF invests in Fido to boost the ability of consumers to get credit thanks to their digital footprint and machine learning
MAY 24, 2021

CRIF - a global company based in Bologna and specializing in credit bureau and business information, as well as advanced digital solutions for business development and open banking -  has invested in the share capital of Fido Srl – a digital scoring provider based in Milan.

Fido has created the first European platform to boost the ability to assess the creditworthiness of consumers through the analysis of digital signals and machine learning. It relies on the collection of a set of digital activities which users consent to share while surfing the web, which can be exploited for a number of purposes, e.g., fraud prevention, getting better offers, or getting easier access to credit.

This new set of information represents a valuable resource of unstructured data that can be processed and analyzed thanks to Fido’s AI capabilities for a range of purposes, including financial inclusion: helping unbanked consumers who would not have access to credit services by leveraging their digital signals to boost their chances of getting credit.

Through this transaction, CRIF wants to contribute to Fido’s growth and to confirm its commitment to innovative digital services for consumers and SMEs.

“Fido helps companies in any sector assess creditworthiness with the use of new types of data coming from the digital footprint that users leave while browsing online. We are very pleased that a global market leader like CRIF has recognized the distinctive value of our scoring technology and we welcome them among our shareholders,” stated Marko Maras, CEO of Fido.

“CRIF’s investment in Fido confirms its commitment to simplifying the lives of consumers and SMEs by leveraging the whole set of solutions grouped into the CRIF Digital offering. We believe that this cooperation with Fido will further boost the CRIF Digital offering across the 40+ countries that CRIF operates in worldwide,” commented Enrico Lodi, Managing Director, CRIF Digital Services.

About Fido

Fido’s patent-pending technology uses new types of privacy-compliant data coming from the digital footprint of consumers’ online activities - for creditworthiness analysis, lead scoring and fraud prevention. Tapping into hundreds of nonfinancial signals (the type of browser and hardware used to access the internet, the email provider, the mobile network operator, the IP address and much more) Fido powers these alternative data sources with artificial intelligence and machine learning to increase acceptance rates, reduce defaults and bolster financial inclusion. For more information visit